How to make Sweet Sauerkraut with Honey?

sauerkraut with honey

Sauerkraut with honey is not sweet. But many people think so. In reality, the sour taste of fermented cabbage is original paired with sweetness, which gives this recipe honey. And you don’t feel sweet taste of honey but you feel it is in this dish.

As for beneficial health properties of the recipe sauerkraut with honey don’t have as much probiotics as traditional fermented cabbage, for example, sauerkraut with beet. So it is not the best choice for curing anxiety and solving other medicine tasks.

However, it still contains a bit of useful bacteria and, of course, a lot of fiber.


  • 4 pounds of cabbage
  • 7 ounces of carrot
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 6 black pepper
  • 6 fragrant peppercorns
  • 4 teaspoon of salt (without iodine)
  • 4 ounces of honey

1. Chop your cabbage with a sharp knife or Borner slicer.

chopping cabbage

2. Grate carrots.

grated carrot

3. Put chopped cabbage and grated carrot in a big saucepan. Add 1 bay leaf and peppers.

cabbage, carrot and bay leaf in a pan

4. Pour 1 liter of water in another pan. Add salt and 1 bay leaf. Boil salt brine.

salt and water

5. Pour cold salt brine in the pan with cabbage.

cabbage, carrot and salt brine

6. Stir cabbage and carrot very well with salt brine and then transfer them in a big jar.

jar with sauerkraut

7. Keep the jar with cabbage at the room temperature for 3 days. Three times every day stick a wooden rolling pin in the jar. You should stick cabbage to the very bottom. Sauerkraut will be bitter without this manipulation.

8. In three days drain brine in a bowl. Dissolve honey in it.

honey for sauerkraut


9. And then transfer brine back in the jar with sauerkraut. Stir well.

sauerkraut and honey

Your sweet sauerkraut with honey is ready now. Keep it in a cool place.

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