How long does sauerkraut stay good in the refrigerator?

How long sauerkraut stays good depends on three main points:

  • a recipe of fermented cabbage;
  • a quantity of its brine;
  • a storage place.

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  1.  A sauerkraut recipe . The traditional sauerkraut, which was fermented correctly, lasts for a long time. But if you have some kind of quickly fermented cabbage, it will be fresh in a few days only. Such kinds of sauerkraut have various additional ingredient – water, vinegar, sugar. They are not the real fermented foods. And so they don’t have antimicrobial properties.
  2.  A quantity of its brine . The more brine in a jar, the longer sauerkraut lasts after opened. The fermented cabbage brine is a natural preservative. Dry sauerkraut without its brine doesn’t stay good more than several days. If even it is the traditional fermented food.
  3.  A storage place . Sauerkraut should be kept in a cold place. In a hot room, it will be in a spoiled few hours.
The real traditional sauerkraut with its brine stays good in the refrigerator in 30-45 days. In all other cases, you should eat your cabbage in 3-5 days.

How to Extend the Storage Period?

There are some tips, which help you to improve and expand the storage life of fermented cabbage.

  1. Always keep sauerkraut in the fridge and make sure that it is covered by its brine.
  2. If you opened it only once and you aren’t going to eat it every day sprinkle it with sugar or mustard powder.
  3. Add to a jar with sauerkraut fresh organic cranberries.
  4. Always buy or make the real traditional sauerkraut only.
  5. If you have as much sauerkraut that you can’t eat it fast, freeze it. This article tells you how to freeze fermented cabbage.
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    I fry My sauerkraut. Can I then freeze it

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