Favored Sauerkraut with Grapes, Apples and Bell Peppers

That fermented cabbage recipe is not the traditional one. But it is a quite popular in Russian now because sauerkraut with grapes has a mild taste.


  • 11 pounds of cabbage
  • 5 pounds of carrot
  • 5 pounds of light seedless grapes
  • 12 medium (small) apples
  • 4 big bell peppers
  • 5 tbsp. of salt (without iodine)

Of course, you can reduce the proportions of the ingredients, as you need.

1. Grate the carrot. Slice the bell peppers into strips. Core the whole apples using an apple corer.

Ingredients for sauerkraut with grapes

2. Chop the cabbage.

3. Mix 1/5 of chopped cabbage with the corresponding amount of other ingredients except your apples.

2.2 pounds of cabbage – 1 tbsp. of salt.

cabbage grapes pepper

4. Transfer the mixture in a big enamel pan. Add the apples. Tamp down the vegetables well.

cabbage grapes apples

5. Repeat (four times) with the remaining ingredients.

6. Cover the pan and put something heavy on the top.

7. Let stand at the room temperature. Poke a few holes through the cabbage with a wooden rolling pin or spoon every day. It is necessary to release the gas that fermentation process produces.

sauerkraut with grapes and apples

The fermentation time is 4 days. But I recommend tasting your sauerkraut.

8. Then you think your sauerkraut with grapes and apples is ready, transfer it in big glass jars. Store them in a cold place.

sauerkraut with grapes in jars

Cut apples into small pieces than you serve the sauerkraut. Add olive oil and onion if you like.

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