How to make sauerkraut with beet?

Sauerkraut with beet is a traditional Russian recipe of fermented vegetables with big quantity of probiotics. And so the recipe can be used as eating for weight loss.

As for pickled apples, we use rye flour (a piece of rye bread if to be precise). Because rye flour (or rye bread) helps the fermentation process to go faster.


  • 11 pounds of cabbage;
  • 1.0 pound of carrot;
  • 0.8 pounds of beet;
  • 3.5 ounces of salt (without iodine);
  • 20-30 peppercorns;
  • 5 grains allspice;
  • 2 bay leaves;
  • a piece of rye bread.

1. Put a piece of rye bread on bottom of a large enameled pan.

piece of rye bread

2. Put one cabbage leaf on the piece of rye bread.

piece of cabbage

3. Chop cabbage with help of sharp knife or Borner slicer.

choped cabbage

4. Grate your carrot and beet.

5. Mix chopped cabbage, grated beet and carrot with salt and spices.

cabbage with beet and carrot

6. Stir all ingredients very well until they give their juice.

cabbage with beet

You should use another big bowl for stirring because the piece of rye bread and the cabbage leaf must be on bottom of the large enameled pan. You should not stir them.

7. Transfer your cabbage, beet, carrot and their juice to the pan.

8. Put a plate on the top of them and put something heavy on the plate.

sauerkraut with beet under weight

9. Keep the pan at room temperature.

10. The next day you will see that the amount of juice has become much more.

beet sauerkraut under weight

11. You should pierce your sauerkraut wooden rolling pin or spatula every 12 hours.

sauerkraut with beet

Sauerkraut with beet will be ready in 2.5-3.0 days. Keep it in your refrigerate.

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