How Much Salt for Sauerkraut is Right?


Salt ratio to cabbage is one of the most critical points in sauerkraut making.

There are some methods for determining how much salt you should use for sauerkraut. You can calculate this quantity by your taste, the volume of sauerkraut, weight of vegetables. And by the volume of brine if you make quick fermented cabbage with adding water.

Some of the methods ambiguous and quite complex. You easily may make a mistake if you use your taste. And you don’t always know the precise volume of sauerkraut before you make it.

So we, in Russia, use one easy method.

We add one tablespoon of salt to 1 kg (2.2 pounds) of fresh chopped cabbage (without cabbage stalks and bad leaves). And we don’t take into account the weight of other ingredients (carrots, apples, and so on), and their volumes.

Common Mistakes

  1. Too much salt. If you use too much salt, you take risks to kill the beneficial bacteria (probiotics). Don’t add an excess of salt if the rate of fermentation is slow. Probably, you don’t have the right head of cabbage.
  2. Too little salt. This mistake can lead to softer sauerkraut. Or, which is much worse, to rotten fermented cabbage that can be dangerous for you.
  3. Iodine salt. This is very important how much salt in sauerkraut. But the salt quality has the meaning as well. Salt with iodine may lead to softer sauerkraut with bad flavor.
  4. Finely ground salt. Never use it, if you want to make crispy sauerkraut, use coarse salt only.

Can I Make Sauerkraut Without Salt Content At All?

Salt creates an environment for correct fermentation because it pulls water out of the cabbage.

But, yes. You can make fermented cabbage without salt. Use this method. This is not an easy recipe. However try it, if you don’t like salt, and aren’t afraid of difficulties.

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