How to cook Sauerkraut with Cranberries?

There are many recipes for sauerkraut in Russia. Sauerkraut recipe with cranberries is one of the most popular. In contrast to homemade sauerkraut recipe without any spices, the recipe with cranberries is sourer, but it is delicious sour. In addition, sauerkraut with cranberries is very healthy, as it contains additional quantity of vitamin C.

Thus, how to cook sauerkraut with cranberries?

Ingredients: If you have 11 pounds of cabbage, you need to add 2-2.2 pounds of carrot, 3.5 ounces of salt, 7 ounces of cranberries. You should chose coarse salt without iodine.

ingredients for sauerkraut with cranberries

You also have to have an enamel saucepan and a wooden pestle or a rolling pin.

1. First grate the carrots.

chopping carrot

2. Remove the top leaves of each head of cabbage and remove the cabbage-stumps. Then cut the cabbage into large chunks.

cutting cabbage

3. It is time to chop your cabbage. You can chop the cabbage using Borner slicer or cut it with a knife. The width of the pieces of cabbage should be approximately 0.2 inches.

chopping cabbage

4. Put shredded cabbage in your pan in layers (cabbage + carrot + salt). You have to mix thoroughly each cabbage layer with salt and carrots. Then crush it with help of a rolling pin or a wooden pestle.

mix of carrot and cabbage

5. Cabbage in your pan should give its juice.

6. When you fill your pan with cabbage, carrots and salt, leave it for 30 minutes. This is to ensure that the amount of cabbage juice in a saucepan became more. You have the normal amount of cabbage juice, if you pierce your cabbage a wooden pestle and see cabbage juice in the hole.

stick cabbage with a wooden rolling pestle

7. Put cranberries into the pan now and stir well with cabbage.

cabbage with carrot and cranberries

8. Put a plate on the cabbage and then put something heavy on the plate. You can use a water bottle or another heavy thing.

sauerkraut under a heavy thing

Be careful: cabbage juice should cover the cabbage on 0.8-1.2 inches. If cabbage is dry, it will go bad.

9. Leave the pan with sauerkraut in a warm place for 4-5 days.

10. Stick a wooden rolling pin or knife into your sauerkraut 2-three times every day. You have to stick your rolling pin into your cabbage very deeply. If you do not sauerkraut will be bitter.

11. Sauerkraut will be ready in 4-5 days. You will be able to understand that sauerkraut is ready, having tried it.

sauerkraut with cranberries

That is all. Your sauerkraut recipe with cranberries is ready. You can place the pan with it in the refrigerator now.

The original of the recipe in Russian you can find here –

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