Why Sauerkraut is Superfood for Weight Loss?

Probiotic Filled Foods

There are many sauerkraut diets on the Internet. The most of them are extreme and cannot have any health benefits. However, recipes of sauerkraut are good foods to help lose weight.

Why Fermented Vegetables are Foods which Help to Lose Weight

Often when people discuss sauerkraut helpful properties for losing weight they talk that sour cabbage has a few large calories. It is correct. But it isn’t the most important.

Sauerkraut contains a huge quantity of probiotics with prebiotics and they convert fermented cabbage recipes in superfoods for weight loss.

Do you want to know how many calories in sauerkraut?
There are 19 large calories in 3.5 ounces of fermented cabbage.

Probiotics and Weight Loss

Foods with probiotics are effective meals for people who want manage their weight. And here’s why.

  1. Probiotics are necessary for balanced gut microflora. Balanced intestinal flora ensures good work of the immune system. And since excess weight and obesity are connected with chronic inflammation, probiotics help to lose weight.
  2. People who have sick gut flora eat many sweet foods usually. Intestinal bacteria, which are in need of sugar for their life, send a signal to the brain to consume more foods with sugar. Needless to say, that when we eat a lot of sweets we gain weight.
  3. Some bad gut microbes can be responsible for insulin resistance, which leads to obesity, diabetes, and many other serious diseases.

Thus, if you want to have a normal weight and good health you should balance your gut microflora. And one of the easiest and most effective way to have healthy gut bacteria is eating foods with probiotics.

Why traditional sauerkraut is the best source of probiotics and prebiotics you can read the article “What are foods high in probiotics?”.


How to Use Sauerkraut for Weight Loss Correctly?

If you want to lose weight with the help of sauerkraut, you must comply with certain rules.

  • 1. Only traditional sauerkraut recipes are superfoods for weight loss and balance of gut microflora.

a portion of sour fermented cabbage

All quick sauerkraut recipes (quick sauerkraut with apples, for instance) are delicious vegetable salads with a few calories. But they don’t have probiotics and so they are not so useful for losing weight as traditional recipes of fermented cabbage.

As for sauerkraut recipes that contain salt brine instead dry salt, for example, Armenian sauerkraut with spices, they are healthy and can be used for weight loss. But they do not have as many probiotics as traditional fermented cabbage recipes.

  • 2. You should eat raw sauerkraut only. Probiotics are living organisms and they die if you will heat sour cabbage.
  • 3. You can use sauerkraut as a healthy snack.
  • 4. Necessarily, eat fermented cabbage for lunch and dinner (2/3 cup).
  • 5. It is very important to eat sauerkraut with its juice because the juice contains much more probiotics than sauerkraut by itself.
  • 6. You can cook various sauerkraut salads with olive oil. But you should not add to them sugar or other sweets. Sugar can kill beneficial bacteria and give life to bad microorganisms. If sauerkraut is too sour for you choose fermented cabbage recipes, which contain other vegetables or fruits, for example, traditional sauerkraut with apples. Such recipes are sweeter, but it is healthy sweetness.


1. Fermented cabbage is a healthy food for losing weight. However, you should not use it as a meal for mono diets.

2. Sauerkraut is low-calorie food, but it is more important that it has a lot of probiotics.

3. Only traditional fermented cabbage without any vinegar and sugar can help you to lose weight.

4. Only raw sauerkraut is very beneficial for health because it has living probiotics.

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