How to Prepare Raw Sauerkraut without Salt at Home?

sauerkraut without sodium

Some people think that the best way to prepare sauerkraut is making it without salt because sodium is very harmful. This suggestion is not correct as the human body needs in NaCl. And there are dangers of restricting your salt too much.

Besides that, making sauerkraut without salt is more complicated than traditional recipes of fermentation.

But since some people want to know how to prepare sauerkraut without salt, we describe one such recipe.


  • 13-14 pounds of cabbage (2 medium heads);
  • 4.4-4.6 pounds of carrot;
  • ½ cup dill seeds.

1. Chop the cabbage with a help of a sharp knife or Borner slicer.

chopped cabbage for sauerkraut

2. Grate the carrots.

grated carrots

3. Toss the cabbage, carrots and dill seeds together in an enamel bucket or large saucepan.

cabbage carrot dills seeds

Fill the bucket as tightly as you can.

sauerlraut without salt in a bucket

4. Put something heavy (33-44 pounds) on the top for 12-36 hours at room temperature.

heavy weight on sauerkraut

After this time, the cabbage will give its juice and will be covered by it.

fermented cabbage in its juice

5. Remove this heavy weight from the sauerkraut and put something lighter, a bottle with water, for example. Allow to sit at room temperature for 24-36 hours.

heavy bottle on sauerkraut

6. Keep the sauerkraut at room temperature for 3-6 hours.

fermented cabbage without sodium

That’s all. Fermented cabbage without salt is ready. Store it in a refrigerator in glass jars.

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    I have added sauerkraut to my diet recently. I purchase organic sauerkraut from a company called SUPERKRAUTS (on Amazon) and it is delicious and it is made without salt, but it is rather expensive and I’d like to eat some daily. Because I have high blood pressure and have recently been prescribed meds to lower it I searched and found your recipe so I could try making my own with out salt. I have 2 questions: Is sauerkraut less beneficial without salt and would there be anything wrong with making a sauerkraut with less salt than a recipe might call for?

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