How to Make Cream Cheese from Kefir at Home?

cottage cheese from kefir

If you want to make your own cottage cheese at home, try making it from kefir.

Kefir cheese is creamy, dietary and suited for baby food.

Use organic kefir, and you will obtain the real healthful product. You can use your own kefir as well.

There are two methods for making cottage cheese at home:

  • hot and quick;
  • cold and slow.

Cold Method

Pour you kefir in a plastic bottle and put it in a freezer for 8-10 hours.

Place 2-layers cheesecloth over a strainer. And set it over a bowl.

Cut the plastic bottle up and put the frozen kefir into the strainer.

frozen kefir

Let it melt. It can take some hours. The exact time of melting depends on how much kefir you have.

When the kefir has melted and the whey has passed through, gather the cheesecloth up and squeeze it to remove as much whey as possible.

cream cheese from frozen kefir

Kefir cream cheese is ready.

homemade cottage cheese

Hot Method

Pour your kefir into a saucepan. Warm it over small heat. Then whey starts to separate set the saucepan aside. Be careful! Your kefir must not boil.

kefir in a saucepan

Transfer your hot kefir to a strainer with cheesecloth.

cheesecloth with cream cheese

When all whey has passed through the strainer, gather the cheesecloth and hang it up for 30-40 minutes. Then squeeze it with your hands.

cream cheese in cheesecloth

Your kefir cottage cheese is ready.

kefir cream cheese

What about Salt and Spices?

You can add salt and various spices to your kefir cream cheese if you like. In Russia, we do not add salt to our cream cheese, because we use it for baby food mainly.

Which Method gives the Best Result?

It does not matter. Use any as you like.

Some people think that the cold method is easier because you do not have to look after the kefir. You can put it in a strainer and forget about it for some hours.

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  1. shehla

    liked the cottage cheese recipe. I try to do it myself. I am a cancer patient and I do it for my illness.Is there anyone who has made it?

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