Armenian Fermented Green Chili Recipe

fermented chile

This recipe of pickled green chile came to Russia from the East – from Armenia. Where people like spicy food very much.


  • 2 pounds of green chile
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic
  • a small bunch of dill
  • 5-1.6 liters of water
  • 4 tablespoon of salt (without iodine)

1. Keep green chile on a table for 1-2 days. It should become slightly wilted and softer.

2. Wash your green chili now. And then pierce each pepper pod with a fork in several places.

green chile with a fork

3. Put chile in a bowl. Add garlic and dill.

green chile with garlic and dill

4. Dissolve the salt in cold water.

5. Pour salt brine in the bowl with vegetables.

chile, garlic, dill and water

6. Cover. And put something heavy on the top. All pepper pods should be under water.

fermented chile under plate

Keep the bowl with green chile at the room temperature for some days. How many days you should wait depends on your room’s temperature. If it is hot, you should wait 3 days, if it is rather cold, it will take 10 days.

And so you should focus on color pepper pods. The right color of fermented chile is yellow.

fermented green chile

7. Transfer yellow chile with garlic and dill to a jar. The jar should be filled very tightly.

fermented chile in a jar

8. Make new salt brine. Just a little. If you filled the jar tightly it doesn’t take a lot of brine.

9. Pout new salt brine in the jar.

That is all. Cover the jar with fermented green chile and keep it in a fridge.

pickled green chile

Fermented green chile is not bitter but it has burning taste. One or two pepper pods is enough for a portion of meat.

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Armenian Fermented Green Chili Recipe
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