How to Help Manage Anxiety Using Probiotics?

a sad girlThe connection between brain and gut is the well-known fact. There are many scientific pieces of evidence, which show the impact of human gut flora on mental health and the risk of the development of the neurological diseases. Therefore, it is so important to maintain the health of intestinal flora.

Some research has confirmed that we can alter the composition of our gut micro flora with help of our diet. If we eat a lot of food with fiber and probiotics, we can help ourselves coping with anxiety. And vice versa. If we stick Western diet with a large amount of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and refined grains, we destroy healthy bacteria in our gut and feed bad microflora. Thus, increase anxiety and other mental problems.

And so if you are interested in the question “can anxiety be cured without drugs?” the answer – yes. You can cope with anxiety without drugs but with help of the correct foods.

It is proved that traditional fermented foods with probiotics such as sauerkraut are the best way to optimization of intestinal flora. Consequently, they are the good method of managing anxiety, especially social anxiety.

Of course, other kinds of fermented food, for example, kefir, also contain probiotics and healthy.

But sauerkraut is the best choice of fermented meals and here you can read why.

Why Food with Probiotics is a Kind of Medicine for Anxiety

Microflora of human gut is able to change of mental and emotional condition because our gut is “the second brain”.

We have two various nervous systems: central and enteric. The first includes our brain and spinal cord, the second is the intrinsic nervous system of our gut. Both central nervous system and the enteric nervous system has the same type of embryonal tissue. They are connected to each other by the vagus nerve, which runs from our brain to our gastrointestinal tract.

the connection between central and enteric nervous systems - infographic

Gut bacteria have an influence on the vagus nerve and it, in turn, has an influence on our brain. So when we are nervous, we have the visceral sensation (butterflies in our stomach). On the contrary, when our gut flora is unhealthy its influence on our brain can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental problems.

Fortunately, we have the opportunity to adjust the composition of our intestinal microflora with help of diet with fermented food.

How to Manage with Anxiety with Help of Sauerkraut?

To promote healthy microflora, you should increase consumption of fermented vegetables. But it is not sufficient to just increase the consumption of fermented cabbage. You should eat sauerkraut correctly. The basic rules of consumption of sauerkraut for curing anxiety are the same as the rules for using fermented vegetables for losing weight. You should eat:

  • the real traditional sauerkraut
  • raw sauerkraut
  • sauerkraut with its juice

You should use fermented cabbage for healthy snack and salads.

Probiotic Filled FoodsThe detailed instruction of the correct eating of fermented cabbage you can find here.

Of course, you cannot cope with anxiety only with help of food with probiotics. You should optimize all your diet and lifestyle for curing anxiety and other mental problems. However, regular eating fermented vegetables and fruits are important for manage your mood.

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