What is the right Head of Cabbage for making Sauerkraut?

Do you want to know how to make kraut at home? You should learn how to choose the right cabbage then.

  1. You should use only late winter cabbage for making sauerkraut. You can use a large Dutch white cabbage (harvest November-December) or other similar cabbage. If you choose green spring or summer cabbage, it will not ferment right and you will not have sauerkraut at all. Only white cabbage, not green.
  2. To sauerkraut is delicious cabbage has to be the right one. Even if you use white winter cabbage, it may be the wrong one. The correct head of cabbage has juicy brittle leaves without any hollow spaces in it. This is the right head of cabbage.

the right head of cabbage for sauerkraut

And this is the wrong one.

the wrong head of cabbage for sauerkraut

It is quite difficult to distinguish the correct head of cabbage from the wrong. If the right head of cabbage and the wrong one have the same size, the right head of cabbage is in 1.5 – 2.0 times heavier.

However, do not be afraid even if you use the wrong head of cabbage, you will have sauerkraut. It will be a little less tasty, but it will be sauerkraut.

So the most important moment of cabbage choice for making sauerkraut is using of winter white cabbage.

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Comments: 2
  1. Brandon

    Absolute BS. ANY cabbage will ferment, you have no clue what you are talking about. Please explain to me how Lactobacillus cares what variety it is?

    1. Rusakraut (автор)

      The amount of juice in cabbage leaves is important for fermentation.

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