How to Cook Beet Stems? Ferment Them!

You have made fermented beets. And now you are interested in “what to do with beet stems”, aren’t you? If so why don’t you make fermented beet stalks? It is an easy and healthy choice.

Some people call such stalks pickled beet stems. It is not correct because the recipe does not contain any vinegar. It is the traditional recipe of fermentation.


  • 2.0-2.2 pounds of beet stems;
  • a head of garlic;
  • 1 tbsp. of salt (without iodine) per one glass jar (1 liter);
  • 2 bay leaves per one jar;
  • 5-6 black pepper per a jar.

1. Chop the garlic.

2. Remove all leaves from the stems. Cut them into pieces 2-3 inches.

beet stems

3. Put the beet stalks into the water and bring to a boil. Drain immediately and rinse with cold water. Be careful! Beet stems must not be too tender.

boiled beet stems

4. Put the beet stalks, bay leaves, black pepper and garlic into glass jars.

beet stems with garlic

5. Add salt.

beet stems with salt

6. Pour hot water into every jar. Cover.

fermented beet stalks

7. Keep in a warm for 2-3 days. Then transfer the jars into a refrigerator. And wait for 3-4 days.

pickles beet stems in a jar

That is all. Your fermented beet stems are ready.

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