Russian Beet Salad with Sauerkraut – Vinegret

Russian beet salad

As red beet soup, cold beet salad is very popular in Russia and widely known around the world. Yes. We like rbeet in Russia and we eat it a lot.

Russian name of the salad is “vinegret”. But if be honest, “vinegret” is not Russian word at all. The French who ate the cold beet salad gave it the name. “Vinegret” came from the French word “vinaigre” – vinegar. It is because the salad has sour taste as contains fermented cabbage and cucumbers.

Vinegret is so popular here that we eat it both as the everyday meal and as a festive dish.


  • 2-3 medium beet;
  • 1 big carrot;
  • 1 big pickled cucumber and/or 10-14 ounces of sauerkraut (Some people like to use both sauerkraut and pickled cucumber for cooking vinegret. However, the real recipe tells us that we should use either fermented cabbage or pickled cucumber. Sauerkraut is a better choice because it is healthier. You also can use fermented radishes instead of pickled cucumbers.)
  • 3-4 medium potatoes;
  • 7-14 ounces of canned peas;
  • 1 medium onion;
  • vegetable oil (sunflower or olive oil).

1. Boil potatoes, carrot and beet with their skins. Then remove the skins and chill the vegetables.

Ingredients for beet salad

2. Cut your potatoes, carrot, beet and pickled cucumber (if you use it) into small cubes.

sliced vegetables

3. Chop your onion. And drain canned peas.

choped onion

4. Should your sauerkraut be rinsed and drained if you use it? It depends on your taste and sourness of the fermented cabbage. If it is very sour for you rinse it well. If you think you sauerkraut is not excessively sour do not rinse it. In the latter case, you can add a little sauerkraut juice in your salad.

5. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Add oil and toss gently to coat.

cold beet salad with peas

Serve immediately.

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