Do You Want to Freeze Sauerkraut? No Problems

Can I freeze sauerkraut? Many people ask this question on the Internet.

In a nutshell, yes. You can.

In former times, people who lived in the northern regions of Russia and in Siberia stored their sauerkraut in big wooden barrels. And keeping these barrels in the cold. Therefore, they always used frozen fermented cabbage and ate it with the pleasure.

Now some people who have a big amount of sauerkraut freeze their fermented cabbage too. They, of course, do not use wooden barrels and winter frost. They use special freezer bags (or containers for freezing) and deep freezers.

If you want to freeze your sauerkraut, you should follow these steps of freezing.

1. Put sauerkraut in a freezer bag or in a container for freezing. Leave 1-2 inches of free space on the top. When fermented cabbage freezes, it takes up more space.

sauerktaut in a freezer bag

2. Remove the extra air from your freezer bag and seal it.

a bag for fermented cabbage

3. Put bags with sauerkraut in a deep freezer.

a freezer bag with sauerkraut

4. Defrost frozen sauerkraut in the fridge.

Fermented cabbage can be stored frozen for 8-12 months.

You can freeze only good traditional sauerkraut. If you freeze quick sauerkraut or your fermented cabbage is not very good after thawing it will be soft and tasteless.

People who write on the Internet that sauerkraut must not be frozen tried to freeze the wrong cabbage.

What should you do if you have frozen the wrong sauerkraut?

If your sauerkraut is soft and tasteless after thawing you shouldn’t throw it away. You can use it for cooking any hot dishes with fermented cabbage – for soups or main courses.

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Comments: 5
  1. Andrew

    Perhaps, this method of storage in special bags is useful. But where is one minus – it is hard to store too much sauerkraut in freezer. But it very comfortable, because food always is near.

  2. Dendy

    Sauerkraut is delicious even after being frozen, and it retains some of the vitamin content. Try it with meat.

  3. carmel

    does freezing unpasterised sauerkraut kill its good bacteria?

    1. Rusakraut (автор)

      It is hard to say. There are no studies. We can assume that frozen sauerkraut has few of living bacteria.

  4. Aaya

    Freezing doesn’t generally kill bacteria, it just slows it down. You can also freeze kefir grains, and they’re fine. Freezing does kill a lot of parasites (like in pork or fish), though, if the parasites are frozen for long enough.

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