• Homemade Beet Kvass Recipe without Whey by the Traditional Recipe

    There are several recipes for beet kvass in Russia. Some of them use yeast, some – whey, other - a lot of salt. This recipe beet kvass without whey is

  • How to make Chicken Liver Sautéed with Sauerkraut?

    Sautéed chicken livers with sauerkraut is an easy and healthy recipe. Ingredients: 0.6-0.7 pounds of chicken livers; 1.2-1.3 pounds of sauerkraut; 1-tablespoon tomato paste; black pepper or other spices, for

  • Top-5 Recipes for Russian Beet Sauerkraut Salads

    Beet goes well with sauerkraut. And so there are many salads with these two ingredients. These are the most popular of them. [su_note note_color="#f6f6be"]These five cold beet sauerkraut salads aren’t

  • ryazhenka

    Ryazhenka vs. Kefir. How to make Ryazhenka at Home?

    Ryazhenka is one of the traditional fermented milk products, which is very popular in Russia. Many people prefer ryazhenka to kefir or yogurt. Another name of ryazhenka is “fermented baked